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You will need to separate this into multiple BAQ's, and link them in the

One Screen will have Part # & Qty

Second Screen will have the Material for this Part & Qty

Third will show PO's for Material

Firth will show Jobs for the Material

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

I am looking to create a dashboard that contains the following.

1) Part #

2) Qty on Hand

3) Raw Material part # used to make above Part #

4) Qty on hand for raw material

5) Any raw material on order

6) Active jobs running part #

I know there are many ways to right click to get all this. But I need an
executive style dashboard.
Simple and to the point.

Im having issues figuring out in the BAQ which tables to select and
their corresponding relationships.

If anyone can give me a hint on what would be the tables to use in order
as wee as links that would be helpful.

Thank You

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