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I am trying to create an updatable dashboard that shows job status to all open jobs.
I’m trying to add a comments field that anyone using the dashboard can add notes or important comments. I’ve created a field in UD Column maintenance (Jobhead_UD, data type: String, Format: x(250)). I can type things in the field, but when I save and reload, it disappears. Any help would be appreciated.

What is the Update method you’re using? When you say you can type things in the field, do you mean in the BAQ Designer? Or in a dashboard?

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@DavePower - I recently had a similar issue. This ticket has a few suggestions: Updateable BAQ field won't update in dashboard

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@DavePower Does it work in the baq designer? To @dr_dan point. Are you using Epicor’s update or advanced? Advanced sometimes are cleaner for UD fields since they are very simple.

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In the dashboard where I test the application, I am able to change the status of jobs (open, closed, and other custom UD booleans), and the data is properly saved. When I try leaving a comment, it does not remain after saving and refreshing.
There is no actual textbox on the Job Header where this text is available for viewing/changing, its only for the purposes of seeing it on the dashboard (or program once it’s deployed). Not sure if this is my issue or not.

It shouldn’t make a difference. Is it possible that the job was unfirm and therefore not letting you update it? If you try to do the update in the BAQ Designer, you will see the error message (if there is any).

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No the job was firm upon creation. No error messages came up, it just went away when I refreshed after saving

@DavePower I don’t spend time making a dashboard until I know the data is getting saved in my baq.

I think I remember a post not long ago where the issue was fixed by making the fields not updatable, testing the baq and then resetting them to updatable and it magically was fixed by forcing a recompile.


Oddly enough, none of the data could be changed in the BAQ, so I put it to a dashboard to see if it could be changed there. Once in a dashboard, all but this one column could be changed. It must have something to do with the way the BAQ is setup, but I can’t see any differences from the other uBAQs I’ve made.

What BO method are you using to update? Is it a custom method or stock BO?

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ERP.JobEntry, Update method is UpdateExt and JobHead table selected to update

Post up your BAQ. I bet we can figure this one out! I know I have used UD fields before.

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EZS-DP-UJobStatus.baq (42.9 KB)

When you used UD Column Maintenance to add this field, did you notice the important message to regenerate the data model? We have to request that epicor support do this anytime we add a UD field. If you just added this UD field, and forgot to regen the data model, this may cause your error.

I believe this was done, based on the synced status in US Column Maintenance


The UD fields should be in the Erp.JobHead view already, why are you attaching the JobHead_UD table manually?

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I don’t have that view on my end. Must be some sort or issue with importing a BAQ that has different UD Tables than your server

Interesting, yeah I noticed the subquery too. I also saw that you are using the JobStatus BO. Try switching to the JobEntry BO. I am not sure but it might help.

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I originally had it on JobEntry.BO, but change it to JobStatus.BO on a hope that it would resolve the issue, but it did not.

I think @gpayne was on the right track here. Your UD field is probably not getting updated because the update method that is built-in doesn’t include your UD field. You should be able to do an advanced BPM to update the field. It is a little strange that you can update your UD bit field but the other won’t update. Look carefully at each field in UD maintenance and in the BAQ to make sure they are setup the same. If they are, then look into the advanced BPM for your update. you should be able to use an ‘update table by query’, or something similar.

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