uBAQ to update all lines in Order

I have an uBAQ that I am trying to change the OrderHed Need by and Request dates and have it update all the dtl and rel dates as well. I am able to get it to do so for line I am working on, but it will not replicate across the other lines. Anyone done this?

DateDash.baq (79.6 KB)

To get your order/release dates updated, you need to have those fields marked as updatable in your BAQ. Go to Update > General Properties. Look at the date fields you want to be updatable. I found they were not all checked. Once you set them as updatable, you can use the UBAQ to change values for the order and release dates.

However, it looks like the dates at the line level are locked behind some method. To get the line dates updated, you may have to use a BO method. I think changing the dates at the header level will trigger a BO method that changes the line level dates (if they are the same). Run a trace and see what is firing there. Then try to reproduce that in a BPM.

Honestly from our end, we never really look at the line dates, as we only care about the individual release dates, which are all over the place. This may also be the case for you. If that’s true, and you really only care about getting the release dates correct, then you can use the UBAQ you have with the change I mentioned above to update the release and order dates.
Good luck!