Ud Field Autopopulation

I am wanting to add some UD fields to the table and have them auto populate with the info. These will not be displayed, they will be used for internal reasons. Specifically, I want to create UD columns on the OrderHed table and have them populated with the ShipTo info.

Best way to do this is with a Post Processing Method BPM on Sales Order… OR using an In-Trans Data directive on OrderHed… In-Trans has the advantage of running no matter what creates the order (EDI, Sales Order Entry, ECC, Quote Conversion, etc)… the Method BPM is not always 100%.
BUT if you use the In-Trans, you need to make sure that it has proper conditions so that it doesn’t run EVERY time the order header is updated… remember that shipping an order will update the orderhed record. You want to have the condition so that “If the ship address changes, then update the UD fields”…

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To resurrect an old post, at this stage I am needing to write the order number once it is created to a UD table. What restrictions would you recommend?