UD Menu Landing Page DataView

I have made a menu for UD38, which will be responsible for taking a job, dividing up the production quantity into new data rows per standard pack quantity, and creating a data row for each (this is for serial label printing).

With that, I would love to make the default landing page be the same as job entry, so the user can click a job number, and launch the UD38 dataview with that job number to see how many tote labels need to be printed.

So far, I have tried to mess with the landing page to no avail. I have changed the landing page dataview to tie to JobEntry and JobHead:

Then, edited the panel grid to tie to that GetList method from the JobEntry Service:

I have also tried making a new DataView all together, and binding the LandingPage to use it:

EDIT: I have also tried modifying the columns in the view to bind to JobView.JobNum

Is this simply unsupported with UD forms? Or am I silly and doing something wrong here.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not doing exactly what you’re doing, but have also been having a lot of trouble with using a BAQ to add columns to the Order Tracker LandingPage view. Did you have any luck figuring this out?

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