Kinetic UD01 Landing Page


Query about how to display the Customer Name on UD01 Landing Page, where the DB field is storing CustNum. Added the column simply using Personalise Columns in App Studio.


The landing page is just displaying the integer CustNum, but on the details page where I’ve used a resusable combo it’s correctly displaying the full name.


Is there an easy way of making this work without that I’m missing?


Go into the grid model and access the columns. Change the Editor Model to a combo box and do the same thing.

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Thanks @hmwillett . For anybody reading this in future, I had to copy and paste the name of the Reusable combo from the details tab to here, because the list for the new combo control on the front page was empty. Copy and paste the name of the reusable and it’s type “default”, and it works just fine.