UDF String (max) and REST

I found this behavior strange with the REST.
If a UDF was of string with x(max) then trying to create a quote record with REST would not work if I tried to pass in any more than 6 characters for that field.

When I changed it to x(16000) I was able to add more characters and complete the REST call successfully. Seems like the REST oData call did not like that field being x(max). That’s the only thing I changed and I’m now able to create records with data in that field.

Maybe this bit of info might be helpful to someone else.

those defaults and formats don’t exactly translate to straight sql. My guess is x(max) is not valid within the Epicor data model and freaks out the rest service who might be expecting a more finite sizing. not sure but seems a fair guess since that value is data model not just DB

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I’ve been told that x(1000) is the equivalent of x(max)

It does anything above 1000 epicor makes (MAX) at the Db Level.