Ultragrid with Epibinding to QuoteDtl control data entry with validation

Hi there,

I have a customised version of the QuoteEntry screen inherited from a previous employee (Epicor 10).

Part of this includes an Ultragrid eugQuoteLines with epibinding to the QuoteDtl + QuoteDtl_UD tables.

I’ve added extra unit fields etc in UD and want to validate that the data does not have a negative value or one field does not exceed the other so was going to try and use the eugQuoteLines AfterRowUpdate, CellChange and ClickCell events.

On entering the following in the C# code
this.eugQuoteLines.ClickCell += new Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.ClickCellEventHandler(this.eugQuoteLines_ClickCell);

I get the following compile errors - what am I missing ?

Error: CS1061 - line 79 (9031) - ‘Script’ does not contain a definition for ‘eugQuoteLines’ and no extension method ‘eugQuoteLines’ accepting a first argument of type ‘Script’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)


Are you declaring what eugQuoteLines is?

I have declared it and now the errors are gone but the event handlers are not working in the grid.

Are they being initialised?

EpiUltraGrid eugQuoteLines = new EpiUltraGrid();

I assume this is correct ?

I’ve always used the GUID.


EpiUltraCombo cboDeveloper = (EpiUltraCombo)csm.GetNativeControlReference("c0b023c6-58ee-49c3-b383-13a56f631b47");

Thanks for that Aaron! Have it working now. :grinning: :grinning:

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