Unfirm Job

We been having some unfirm jobs pop up that the system is saying we need to order more, but we have plenty in stock. Is this normal? I have read what I could find on it and not much help there. Just trying to understand how it’ supposed to work to see where it may be out of sync or just not working at all. Or maybe it is…

Correct m If i am wrong, but the unfirm jobs is created by the MRP using a forecast, correct? So if we have jobs we needs parts for that we currently show we are good on, it’s because the system believes we are foretasted to sell more of those soon, correct?

Have you looked at the Time Phase Inquiry for the part that should show you where the demand is coming from I think.

Yeah, here’s a screenshot of it.

johndack is right

  1. MRP will look into the future based on the date you run MRP to let’s say 2-28-2018
  2. Anywhere from NOW until 2-28-2018 when the qty-availability of a part is below min or projected to be zero… and
  3. there is DEMAND (need for that part)… then an un-firm job will be suggested (utilizing the lead-time to complete that part)

Your inventory will hit ZERO on 12-15 for a stocked-sub-asm or a stocked Fin-good
The lead time to manufacture is 10 manufacturing calendar days… you ONLY work (per your production calendar m-t-w-t-f
An unfirm JOB suggestion should POP-UP on 12-3 (or sooner, based on other setting) to build the part!
DEMAND can come from inventory replenishment; a sales-order; a sales forecast; or this sub-asm being needed on a different BOOKED-JOB.

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ok, so it does look at the forecast, future. That makes sense. Thanks!

Go look at TIME PHASE on this part…
You’ll see where the MIN would be violated with qty to go below 6.00
EPICOR wud back-out the lead time (in this screen it shows zero)
I use the field on the PART SITES PLANNING within Scheduling “Production Prep Buffer”
For a NEW part… set it to number near-to 10, so engineering can do all that is required (eng-wkbench)
For an existing part, set it to 1 or 2 to allow scheduling to get-er-done, adding the job, (paperwork, drawing, etc)

For more fun, trace the MOM to the RAW MATERIAL… and perform time-phase on that part (once the job is booked! - EPICOR does not know about job requirments… until job is scheduled/released/booked!)

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