Unnecessary Un-firmed Jobs


We are 3 months into our E10. I have an issue where the system generates unfirmed jobs for demand I already have covered with a firmed job. I do not have any min / max or SS set.

Here is a screen shot as an example. Any help on a setting that we may be missing to correct this would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a lead time for that part? Whatever it’s doing, it’s not letting your stock go below 70.

Is there a lot size? Keeping the production size at 20.


There is no lead time nor lot size. Everything is set at zero.

Check your demand links on the Jobs and see how the sales order release is wanting supply. Sometimes those can cause jobs you dont want.

Are the firm jobs you already have late (where it won’t meet the demand’s required date)? If so, Epicor would create another suggestion to get you parts on time.

Any chance the SO demand is make to order?

We are beginning to look at this type of issue also. I think, but have not had time to test, that the issue is you are over the max on hand or days of supply is not long enough.

Assuming the balance of 91 is 11 on hand and a job of 80 which you want to supply shipments going out several months. Epicor likely has put a suggestion on the planner workbench to reduce your job of 80 to have zero on hand after the 11/6 sales orders. It assumes you followed it plan and is now going to make jobs for the sales orders as needed.

Stupid question - MRP is running every night as full regen? Or at least it has since this started happening?

If no, then the system won’t delete these jobs on its own.

If yes, then others have already covered any advice I’d have.

MRP is running full regen. every night.

Sales orders are make to stock. Some of the demand is late and my job is dated later then the demand date. In many, not all, circumstances like this, we see an unfirmed job.

Sales orders are make to stock.

Hi Kevin,

Just to clarify, Jobs are generally ‘Make to Stock’. If a Sales Order release is Make Direct, (See screenshot), it should create a job that is Made to order (see second screenshot), What do your Unfirm Jobs look like ?


If you have not run the logs yet, you should, and then post the section for this part number.

It’s not enough to select logging; you have to create a file name as well.

FYI, somewhere along the way (10.2.100?) they created the option of Overwrite as log type. This is wonderful. Before you either ran no logging or you let the logs grow out of control. Now you can choose to keep only the log data from the last run (which is the only one you ever care about). Point is, I set it to log every time now.