Updating a Process

I have created a BAQ that feeds an executive query. The executive query is assigned to a process set, which in turn is scheduled to run at 3am on weekdays.

My question is: When I update the underlying BAQ, do I need to update the executive query, remove the old process, and readd the updated process? Or does the process just look back at the BAQ and then run whatever is there? In this case I actually have multiple layers of queries.

First is the Query that pulls that data into the executive query and saves it as a cube. The next query looks into the syscube table to pull the final results together.

I just want to make sure I am not duplicating my effort by removing previous processes and replacing them with new processes each time I update a BAQ.


Can you update it in a test environment and see what happens?

Yes, I am working on some test. Due to the nature of the reports, it takes a few days to see reliable results.