Upgrade custom posting rules

What is the best way to uplift custom posting rules made in 10.1.400 to 10.2.300?

Do we have to manually copy every custom rule and function?

Also, we have a rule that pulls in the following ABT filed in 10.1.400.16:

Transaction Text= Transaction Text + COSAndWIP–PartTran–PO Receipt Header–Receipt Num

The Receipt num field is missing for selection in 10.2.300. Where could we find this?

I submitted a case to support and my request for assistance was immediately shot down.

Is there atleast a good way of copying all of the custom programming text into a notepad so I can compare? The compare tool isn’t that helpful.

Maybe I’m thinking of something else, but doesn’t the Import and Export ACTType handle that?


Then select just the ones you need to export.


That works to move them, but on import our custom revisions cannot be activated because they are from an earlier posting rule code base. 10.1 to 10.2.

Ahhh … And Support told you to piss off?

Do you have an upgrade contact?

We do have an active contract. We are single-tenant hosted with Epicor.

And the answer from support was that they do not provide support for managing custom posting rules. They also didn’t walk me through the steps to find that posting rule ABT varaible that was removed in 10.2 (as far as I can tell). The PO Receipt num.

I guess their stance is “You must manually recreate any custom posting rules”

You might be able to export a custom rule from 10.1, and the standard rule from 10.2, and see what the differences are. Maybe you can just edit the XML exported from 10.2 to include the customizations in 10.1, then re import it.

But not like you don’t know… THIS COULD GO VERY VERY WRONG

Hi Jeff, we are upgrading from 10.1.500.7 to 10.2.700.7 and has this problem. How did you finally fix your custom posting rules on the 10.2? Thanks.