Upgrade from 10.0.700.4 to latest 10.2.600.x

We would like to upgrade from 10.0.700.4 to the lastest version of Epicor, which currently appears to be 10.2.600.7
Can anyone offer insight…such as - can we go straight from 10.0.700.4 to 10.2.600.7 or will we need to upgrade to a previous version before we go to the very latest version?

When we try to upgrade to 10.2.600.7 we get an error that says.
this update is for 10.2.600.0 which has not been detected.

Does this mean we must upgrade to an earlier version before loading the 10.2.600.7 version? If so, which one?

You need to install 600RL First

However and I don’t mean to sound rude, I’d be very careful trying to upgrade the system if you aren’t familiar with the intricacies and the functioning of Epicor and it’s architecture.

That’s a pretty big jump from 10.0 to 10.2.600+


What he said. May be worth having a 3rd party consultant or Epicor PS help with the upgrade. Get a test environment going on 10.2.600 and then move production once you’ve tested everything and done some test migrations.

Also take a look at the documentation provided by Epicor. It covers upgrades and new installs pretty in depth.


if this is the first time you are attempting this i would strongly recommend using our Cirrus Upgrade path. going from 10.0 to 10.2 can be a straight jump you do not need to do any interum versions. However, I would say let us help you with the process. it is very cost effective and works fantastic. I would contact your Customer Account Manager at Epicor. First step in the process is the Analyzer which will give you an exact snapshot of what is in your current version and if there will be potential items that need special handling.


Thank you.
we have a test server (duplicate of our LIVE) that we are dedicating to this upgrade.
Yes, we have pulled the documentation from Epicor. It is very informative and in depth.
Previously (before the pandemic) we were working toward upgrading to 10.2.500.8…but all the remote work covid workplace needs took us from upgrading.
Now we are ready to get back at it and found the latest release is 10.2.600.7
We see from the installation guide that we need to begin with 10.2.600.0, but we can not find that exact release on the Epicor site so we tried using 10.2.600.7…we got the error and so that led us to believe that maybe we need not jump from 10.0.700.4 to 10…2.600.7 …and so that prompted my question. Maybe we should go back to upgrading to the 10.2.500 and then move on to 10.2.600.7 from there.

The 10.2.600 RL is at Sign In


I have brought a few customers up from 10.0.700.4 to 10.2.600.0 and then patched to 10.2.600.7 (notice you have to start with patch level zero). There were a few BPMs and Customizations that needed tweaking, but the upgrade itself was very clean. These customers did not have any of the extra addons though.

I agree with Terry. We moved from 10.0.700.4 to 10.2.100 and it was a breeze. They know about typical corruptions that happen and have fixes for them. You will discover these after the 3rd or 4th migration - maybe. And it’s fast. Honestly, it’s the best money we’ve ever spent with Epicor. You WILL far outspend that doing it yourselves. I don’t think they make much money on the service but they are trying to encourage people to stay current - which we are happy to see that you are doing so. :wink:

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I agree with @tmcgrady. Its better to use Epicor’s Cirrus Upgrade tool to upgrade rather than reinventing the wheel. It’s worth every cents.