Upgrade guides


Has anyone got a good guide on upgrading versions? I’m struggling with epicors version of this guide and doesn’t seem to follow.

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Hi, Which Version of Epicor ?

10.2.400 I would like to go 10.2.700.x

@aarong You can go 400 to the latest and still run the classic client. I am doing 400 to 21.2.10 and with the exception of a few screens getting jumbled because of new fields everything converted.

I did not upgrade the app and db servers, I made new ones installed the app server and just updated the database.

What are you getting hung up on?

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Upgrading the DB

Can’t seem to get it to perform the upgrade task.

Getting an error message you can share? What’s your SQL compatibility level?

@aarong I have in my notes that you may have to uncheck if they are all marked complete from a previous run. I am restoring a test db to run another conversion so I can do a screenshot, but it will be a while.

Here is my conversion screen ready to begin. Does yours look different?