Upgraded from 10.2.300.17 to yesterday...(pseudo-rant)

It’s pretty much solo over here for this sort of thing. My team handles a lot of the fallout if there is any, and the distribution of the client beforehand, but I spend my weekend battling the inconsistencies during doing these upgrades.

Back on 9, things were bad, real bad, for patching or upgrading. But on 10 it’s better. However not as good as I hoped. Each iteration of the platform gets better in some respects and harder in others. And it seems that I’m right there in the sweet spot of everything being a PITA.

And yes - we are “On Prem”. And too small a footprint to make the move to the cloud cost effective…

Here’s just a few things

  • Clients - every client has it’s own directory, and version and while they are designed to coexist - there must be an easier way to distribute/upgrade. I want to go from 10.x.x.x to 11.x.x.x but I want my clients to update like going from MS Office 2010 to Office 2016. I must be missing something but I don’t have time to figure it out.
  • SSL Certificates - self signed or not - something always goes wrong with the DNS Endpoint and Certificate Name that has me chasing my tail for an hour… it must be the fact that we try to use wildcard certs and Epicor doesn’t like them.
  • Dev, Docstar and HCM - need a dedicated Appsever or two. This is fine, except you have to upgrade these as well.
  • Training, Demo or others? How may Appservers on those?
  • How about CSF packs? Two - yep two. Database scripts and an install into each of 12 companies because you just can’t make it so it installs one time???

All in all, I have 12 appservers that need to be upgraded, and 4 databases, two language packs, two CSFs, DocumentSender (CSG), roughly 100 updateable BAQs, roughly 90 UI customizations and roughly 130 dashboards. And all the other little stuff, this took me 14 hours - and it should have been 4 except for the stupendous about of duplicate work involved across appservers and companies - and waiting for a client to process all of those Dashboards/UI Customizations - couldn’t that be done on the server? I mean, I kind of understand why it has to work the way it does…

And I certainly understand why this is all like it is - multiple versions, databases, customizations on menus unique to everyone - top to bottom, the system is universal - and I love it for that reason - but I also hate it sometimes. It’s jut getting worse the more moving pieces that are in play.

I cannot wait for the Kinetic thing to work and be browser based!!!

I’m tired, and I’m going to take a nap.
Hope you all had a great holiday!!

and seriously - be happy to discuss it with anyone who is facing a similar challenge…


I can relate… Solo over here as well. Get some rest before the tickets start tomorrow :slight_smile:


+1 this. The day the Smart Client is completely unnecessary will be a very good day!

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We went with the client on a terminal server to insulate us from all the issues for the client level install. This is still a challenge though. I also look forward to the day when we can toss the terminal servers and have everyone connect through the app server directly but many challenges to overcome with the client level configurator… :slight_smile: