Upgrading from Version 5.0 to 5.1 Sales Order Releases do not get m

If you ship from multiple lots to complete a release her is a heads up on
version 5.1
Page ID 7346MPS
Sales Order line and release are not closed even though full qty shipped
complete on 2 lines on the same packing slip. Because the release stays
open, it shows up on the Scheduled Shipments report (as 0 quantity).
Steps to Reproduce
1. Create a Sales Order line release for qty 10, stocked, lotted part.
2. Create a Packing slip for the order line.
3. Add line 1 to the PS, ship out qty = 3 on it from one lot. Not marked
shipped complete.
4. Add a 2nd line and ship the remaining qty of 7 from a different lot.
Leave it marked Shipped Complete.
5. On the packer's main screen, check off the Shipped box.
6. Back on the Sales Order, the line and release remain open, they should be
7. In 5.10.120 MNTECH, see this on SO 444 and related packing slip 423.
SCR 3775
Since at least Vantage 3.00 (Rio), Customer Shipment Entry (sr/sre10.w) has
left it up to Progress to decide the order in which it would commit
packing-slip lines when the Ready to Invoice box changed, and Progress has
done this in descending order. Prior to Vantage 5.10, this was harmless as
all that changed was the Ready to Invoice box. But with the Vantage 5.10
Advanced Material Management project (SCR 1636), a lot happens when the box
(now called Shipped) is checked, so the program needs to make sure that the
lines get released in ascending order.
WORK AROUND: Manually close the order release.

Is this a problem for others?
Has it been fixed in 5.2?