Use BPM to send 846 (Inventory Feed) to server

I am trying to find the easiest way to send our inventory feed (which is created in an external BAQ) in the form of a CSV file to our outgoing server.

Use BAQ Export Process.

Not all of the data will show up in the BAQ because of 10,000 line limit. The export would be a great idea if the limit did not exist. Sorry, I should have added that information. I moved it to a dashboard but it does not look like it can be saved and sent automatically.

I don’t believe BAQ Export Process has 10,000 line limit. Only BAQ Designer has limit.

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Excellent. I will try that and let you know.

Also, you can remove that limit in BAQ Designer if you wish for testing. It’s on a per BAQ basis.


Actions - Execution Settings.

Insert a new row, and scroll down to find RemoveTestRowLimit, and set its value to True. Persist in query means it will be saved, and always load that way. If you don’t tick that box, it will work when you analyse this time but if you close and re-open query designer the setting is lost.