User cannot add new PO Lines

A new user setup last week was able to enter new PO’s and Lines. This week she can enter a new PO, however new PO lines are greyed out. Order isn’t approved, this happens on brand new PO’s.

Hi @bhurst1 ,

Check her account on Buyer Maintenance. Something must have changed (logically why would Epicor act out of place?).
Is she trying to add the lines to the PO she has created or someone else’s PO ?

Also worth clearing the Client Cache on the PC that she is using, and purge any personalisation’s that she has created on the Purchase Order Entry screen too.


That personalization thing got us the other day. A user couldn’t open Serial Tracker–it opened but to an all-white screen. Deleted his personalization and he was good to go. It’s been a while since a personalization bug has happened. It’s rare, but it still pops up.

It was the personalization. Reset to base and she’s good to go.


Cool, but @markdamen should get the solution. He called it.

Good to hear.