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Has anyone created a reporting tool or aware of an out of the box tool to help track user statistics withing Epicor? Looking to get a better understanding of which windows are being regularly utilized within the business, top users,etc. To gauge the success of new dashboards and tools being created for the business as well as identifying windows that are no longer relevant or being accessed on a regular basis.

Over four years ago, @Bart_Elia asked how users would want some of the telemetry data they are gathering.

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Epicor is already gathering this kind of information. It would be great to get copied on it. @haso asked about it a few months later but I’m surprised it generated no interest.

I think this is a fabulous idea and falls into the observability capability asked for in the DevOps Epicor Idea.


My admin found this as well. Hoping there is an alternative solution that is already included and doesnt cost extra $$.

They did implement AppInsights. You can add your own Azure AppInsight Key via Admin Console now I think since 10.2.600

IDEAS Suggestion I created a couple of years ago.

Record in a table like the change log - YYYYMMDD , Menu Item Selected, User Name

Would not matter if it was selected once during a particular day or 100 times, there would be only one entry per day if selected.

Would mostly be for custom reports, dashboards, quick searches, etc.

Could be just recorded in the change log such that company’s could then create a dashboard or report to get out summary data.


Report for Prior 12 months.

Dashboard Occurrences User

Shipments 365 Joe Smith, Expediter <-monitors daily

Shipments 13 Karen Jones, Sales <-monitors monthly

Shipments 2 John Doe, CEO ← Just looks a year end

  • Oct 13 2020
  • Future Consideration

I just sent @khagedorn a PM, but I thought I’d drop it here as well.

Menu Usage Tracker - This is handled by the EMEA CSG group out of the UK - Document Sender and a dozen other add-ons that cost little like Job Traveler Attachments.

As of a couple of months ago, I know he’s still there but things may have changed - Reach out to William Lesurf with CSG in the UK & PM for these modules.

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I would like to know more than who ran a command. I would like to know who is running Classic vs Kinetic? Who is using regular searches vs quick searches? Who is using Favorites and who is still drilling down a menu? Every. Single. Time. Who is using grid options? Who is downloading to Excel? Who invented liquid soap and why?

No good for us On-Prem guys… :frowning:

Interesting idea, did you get any traction on this or implement within your organization? How has it worked for you? I would like to understand how many times a day they are using the application, not just a single mark per day. For example if shipping should be using a dashboard all day long but is only going in once daily there is something wrong and its a missed training opportunity.

We are on prem as well… :frowning:

I created back in version 6.1
When a user left the company I could see what they ran for dashboard, trackers, reports = daily, weekly monthly and at year end.
When I did conversion I know exactly what everyone used daily, monthly, etc… for prioritization.
I had 400ish reports, dashboards.

We tried a lot of different things. What we landed on was a BPM on the GenXData business object. The GetList fires every time a user opens up a menu item for the first time in a session. You have to do some parsing of the data but the whereClause indicates what menu item they open. We have found it does basically exactly what we need. We write the data to a UD table and then use it to display various things like how many people use a given dashboard, how many dashboards a user uses, etc.

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Why not? Isnt it a matter of me creating my own Azure AppInsights account. Adding my Key and enabling telemetry? :slight_smile:

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I read it as it’s part of the Azure Monitor service, and that’s only in the cloud. But honestly, I did not dive deep into it, so there might be a way.

The open source telemetry project that seems to be getting traction is Open Telemetry. I’m not sure if Epicor wrote their own or are using something like this.

IMHO, one of the wildly under utilized Azure features for us on-prem users is Azure Arc. Arc gives you a single pane of glass to monitor your servers in Azure, in another cloud, or on-prem. For on-prem, you install an agent and you get the Windows Admin Center in a browser. So you can track systems that are down, not updated, etc. and it is free for your on-prem servers. It allows on-prem servers to feed Azure Monitor.


well dang - thanks for that @Mark_Wonsil . We’ve not made it far enough along to know 10% of what the Azure platform can do, let alone what it can do in ‘hybrid’ situations. I’ll look into this for sure!

Epicor sends it to Azure App Insights and you can change their Key and put in your own key on your own Azure Account and get the same info. I have more info on what it collects here (as of 10.2.100)

For Kinetic it will track URL Changes if I recall. Again in 10.2.600+ you can opt-in to Receive a Copy of the Telemetry data or override Epicor’s Key in Admin Console. Its a start.