Would you / How would you want to get contacted because of Telelmetry issues?

I have not forgotten the previous Telemetry topic - close to getting a complete documentation example for all on this topic. E10.2.100.x - Telemetry - Collects Data and Sends to Epicor

One thing came up during an internal discussion on the telemetry project today so I thought I would reach out to this audience of experts for a third party opinion. Safe Harbor on everything but would appreciate an outside viewpoint…

In reviewing some telemetry this last week, we noted some poor admin must be having a heck of a time because their server is throwing a TON of exceptions. We have enough anonymization in place to not make it too easy (or not possible at all) to track them down and call them to offer help. There are obvious regulated environments / geographies that are invisible to us so opt out sends us no data so those folks will not have any value add here so those folks - don’t worry we get that.

For those who opt in, how should we do contact management?
Opt in screen provides an email?
Add an ‘Admin contact’ field from EpicCare and connect the telemetry to the EpicCare account?

Some interesting scenarios are possible and since we are in the early kicking the tires safe harbor stage