User unable to clock in/out of Production activity

I just keep getting this issues come up and I have to rely on the community for some help while I am getting my feet underneath me.

I have a user who is suddenly having a problem. When he logs in the “Start Production Activity” is grayed out, so he is unable to Start. His setup was changed to match another employee with the same responsibilities who can clock in without any problems, but this did not work. Has any one encountered this before?

In Employee Maintenance, make sure the employee is active, is a production worker, and under Production Info make sure resource group is not set. If the user also opens and logs into Epicor, then make sure the username under Production Info is also set correctly. If they do not sign into Epicor, then this can be blank.
Good luck!

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Thanks. The problem I have is we used the credentials of another user to mimic the user having a problem, but it didn’t work. The user whose credentials we copied is able to perform his duties and the user with the problem still has the problem.

SOMETIMES our assemblers enter their EmpID incorrectly into a different plant and job. Example: EMPID 6665 (Plant1) enters 6666 (plant2) accidently. Now ID 6666 cannot get out of a job that was logged into Plant 1. Hope that made sense.

Thanks, I will look into that.