Is there a way to close Epicor program after user's session idles for specific number of minutes?

I know Epicor frees the license after license time out minutes, but as soon as user touches Epicor form it logs the user back in. I was wondering if there is a way to log user out completely and close Epicor once the timeout occurs?

If you use RDS you could end their sessions after an idle timeout. Not sure about this if you are running the client locally on user’s machines.


We run the client locally yes. Sorry what does RDS stand for?

I’ll chime in here @jgehling :slight_smile:

RDS stands for Remote Desktop Services or in a previous iteration it was named Microsoft Terminal Services. Microsofts’ version of Citrix.

There is Licence time out minutes in User Account maintenance, this releases the licence back but does not sign out.

You can force logout via code, by creating a system idle timer, then once the timer has expired you can perform a click on the logout button by referencing the control.


You mean adding a custom code on main Epicor window? How do you add customization on the main window?

Sorry I was thinking of MES (I have previously done something similar)

For the full Epicor program, it’s probably not possible directly from Epicor.

One option could be to configure the group policy for screen lockout , so after x seconds/minutes of inactivity, the screen will lock. It could also be possible to have a PowerShell script execute that force closes Epicor when the screen locks.

I am interested in closing epicor on a scheduled basis. It seems no matter how much we tell our end users, they just don’t ever want to log out of epicor. I’d like to force them to close epicor on a daily basis. if they haven’t closed it by 10pm, them I want to force the closing.

Has anyone else successfully implemented anything like this?

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I second this; maybe make an “Idea” suggestion for this, too.

I have most users barred from multiple sessions, except a few that I trust. Different scenario, but my point is that Epicor is able to fully terminate the older sessions when a user logs into Epicor that second or third time. So why not allow for what @NateS proposes?


Sort of, not for fiscal closings, but when we did cloud upgrades.

  • We created a BAQ that downloaded all Active Users.
  • We would toggle the active flag to inactive for non-Security Admin/Task Agent users
  • We saved this file for later
  • Run DMT to Inactivate users
    If a user is still logged in, the next command will knock them off. If they don’t do anything, that’s cool.
  • After work was complete, switch the Inactive flag to Active in the saved file
  • Run DMT to activate users again
    This does NOT force a new password like doing it in the UI if you’re still using Basic Auth.

I have created a task in Windows Task Scheduler. The task runs a batch file with this code:

@echo off
taskkill /IM Epicor.exe /F

This effectively closes the epicor program without asking for save confirmation or anything. I can set this in the task scheduler to run after a period of inactivity, or based on some other criteria.

I think this will work for forcing people out of Epicor, and this forcing them to install updates when the reopen it. However, I don’t think this approach frees up the seats correctly. Can anyone else verify? If I just keep killing the epicor task, will we eventually run out of seats? Thanks!

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Nate - I’d imagine Epicor’s native user timeout would eventually free up those sessions when the client hasn’t interacted with the server after X minutes. I tried by killing my exe in the Windows Task Manager, and the license remained active for now.

Update: Checked back 15 minutes later, and my machine/user was no longer consuming a license.

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