User wants to change all of a part's where used to "View and Pull as Assembly"

Our user changed a part from stock to non-stock and now wants all of its where used to be “View as Assembly” and “Pull as Assembly”. Is there an easy, robust way to do this short of going through Engineering Workbench to change them? I am a developer and don’t work with this every day.

Hi Kelly,

We’ve used DMT for this in the past. Do you have DMT?


Thanks Nancy! Which DMT did you use? Unless I’m missing it, I don’t see a DMT for Where Used.

you would have to do this change as though it was a full engineering BOM change… use the ECOMtl template i believe.

Thanks Tim!! Is that a DMT Template?


I’m not seeing it for some reason. Is it under Engineering? Under Engineering, I see

sorry… it is Bill Of Materials

Thanks! I’ll look at that

Hi Kelly,

I am not sure whether the highlighted column related operation below is required for DMT. I suspect these other columns are needed or useful for what you are doing with the DMT. You’d probably want to do a BAQ on the PartMtl table for approved revisions (tie in PartRev with criteria = true) and pull in these fields to make your DMT to change PullAsAsm to FALSE.

Be wary of Epicor changing part number (parent or material) when it gets confused whether it is text or a number. This is a good post to review about this: Can I Use the DMT to Update Part Masters?