Using EDI 820 Remittance with Epicor. Is there a way to automatically apply payments to invoices via EDI?

I am trying to find the best way to accept remittances from some of our bigger customers, where the Epicor users does not have to apply payment to each invoice manually. I’m hopeful that we can do something like this using EDI but I’m not sure if this is possible.

Is anyone using the 820 Remittance Advice to do this?


We are working with Epicor now to add another trade partner that we want to add the 820 remittance. It has been a struggle since Epicor states it’s not commonly requested.

We believe we can do this using the 820 file from our customer and creating BPMs to link to tables and automatically apply the payments, then send out emails for any exceptions. The biggest roadblock for us is how to import the data from the 820 file into Epicor (where to store the data), and then what tables to link to. If anyone has done this before, we would love to hear the solution you found so we can bring this in-house to develop.

We formatted the EDI 820 payment data into an AR Lockbox format, but the Lockbox only provides one Payment amount so Invoice discounts cannot be imported. I’ll add our struggle to the thread hoping that someone has found a beneficial solution.