Using UBAQ getnew Method to perform a schedule task

We are currently on Version 10.1.500 upgrading soon but not soon enough.
I have been looking for a way to run a schedule task to perform auto receiving form some data in CSV, there are a bunch of posted about using the GetList BPM that in the UBAQ’s and the REST api. But my issue is our current version does not have access to the GetList method with the REST api. We do however have access to the GetNew method of the UBAQ, does any one see any issue with using the GetNew method instead of the GetList to run a schedule task/process


You can trigger code from practically anything. If you are calling it via REST, you can have the code in the ABCCode.GetNewNewABCCode() and just use a condition to look for the user that called the REST call.

The “GET [​/] Execute BAQ” IS the GetList.


I think I tired that already and it did trigger the code but I will test it again.

But it still does not work could using getnew cause any issue.It will ve set to call it over REST every 10mins or so.

Not unless you are using it from some other code and causing it yourself :slight_smile:

I’d ditch the rest idea tbh though. Set up schedules in epicor and schedule it off a baq report.
You can abort any report generation in the pre-processing on get-list.

What specifically does not work?

sorry that it should have been if . Fat fingers small phone screen

But the Get [/] Execute using rest in our current version does not fire the GetList BPM. I know we are on the first version to have REST and it’s only to show it off and its not support in this version 10.1.500 so that could be the issue. Which is what lead me to trying the the getnew method to see if it would work till we get on a newer version.

Also I may tried to schedule it off a baq report already but I am going to look into it again has option in case I have not yet.

I went the REST route has I using some powershell scripts to get the files that this task is importing into place , format correctly and to send some email once the import is done.

I’m pretty sure it does, even in your version.

Create a BAQ, add some bs table and some display fields.
Turn on updateable, and select advanced bpm update only.

Open the BPM designer, add a post processing on getlist.
Enable it, and add a custom code block and connect it.

add this as the only code: callContextBpmData.Character01 = "Yes, I fired.";

Save all the way down, save your baq, and open the swagger page for that baq.

open the “Get /”, choose tryout and click execute:

Look here:

No luck

You get any rows back from the baq?
Obviously in swagger and the designer lol.

Yup lol I get 2 rows back.

Then you have something wrong with the way your BPM is wired up.

Might need some screenshots :slight_smile:

Here, I’ll go first.


So I have just use the PO head table as the BS table just to get a ton of row to return for testing

I have the advanced bpm update only setup with the get-list post processing

And this is what setup in it the post-process

I did have set to send a email before for testing and if I get-list in the from the designers it would send the email but would not work from REST or when try to schedule a BAQ export in Epicor

Did those rows returned before show up in swagger or just the designer?

Both Swagger and the designer

Well then getlist is firing on it. Not sure why the call context didn’t come back.

Add an email or something to that directive and see what happens.

The email is only sent when runing getlist from the designer. but I dont think I tested sending the email form the post-process yet on pre and base . So I will test post in the morning.