Vantage 6.1 Terminal Server 2003 Crystal Reports 8.5 BarCode Printi

We are using Windows Terminal Server 2003, Vantage 6.1 and a
Cognitive BarCode Printer. We are also using Crystal Reports 8.5.
Our network configuration is as follows: Main Plant has the Vantage
Server and the Terminal Server domain. Second Plant is on domain in another state.

Issue: I am currenlty experience a problem with saving printer

Under the Printer Properties I have the following:

General Tab\Printing Preferenceds\Options\Stock = 4 X 6
Advanced\Printing Defaults\Options\Stock = 4 x 6

In Crystal Reports I have the lable set to the correct printer and
the correct sizes as well. I set the Stock settings to 4 x 6 and
save the form. When I go to print from Vantage 6.1, I choose the
packing slip I want to print, I choose the printer I want (not my
default printer) and the stock size does not pull over. It reverts
back to 4 x 11 EVERY TIME. If I go in and change the Properties to
say Stock 4 x 6, the label will print; however, I do not want the
users to have to do this every time. The only way I can prevent this
from happening is if I set this printer as my default printer. I
don't want to do this as they print more packing slips than they do
labels, but if I do set it as a default printer, it works fine each

Does anyone know of a setting that I am missing. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Kelly Robertson
Detroit Tool Metal Products