Verify Configurations on expired quotes

We use product configurator extensively. Our salespeople have a nasty habit of converting expired quotes. If we have made any changes to the product configurator and we verify. It does not get expired quotes. I know I will get some responses like, “just make your salespeople follow procedure.” They will not. I’m interested in not wasting time for our production staff. On a weekend when I have time for a long verify process I would like to verify all quotes, or all quotes by part. Even the expired ones. Does anyone know of a way to do that?

You could do a couple of BPMs that together do not allow converting expired quotes, and/or forces them to do GetDetails() again - or go through the entire configurator again. We have something similar on the Engineered checkbox, and it controls the ability to use the quote on an order if things are not done in the correct order.

That makes sense. For us it could just be a BPM that does not allow the quote to be coverted if it was expired and not verified.


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