Configurator - Linked Order has not been Configured


We are running into the following issue:

If we make a change to an existing Configurator, that change updates the version number on that Configurator (let’s say it was at Version 1 and now it is at Version Number 2)

We have an Open Sales Order and Job that was configured to use Version Number 1 (but we now want that SO\Job and really ALL Open Sales Orders and Jobs to use Version Number 2 for that Configurator)

Without having to go into each and every Sales Order and Job and delete the details and re-configure the Sales Order Line and then get details on the job manually…how can we automate this to update all open Sales Orders\Jobs so that they use the latest version (Version 2) of the Configurator?

I’m trying to run the Verify Existing Configurations process and it’s strange because we can get it to work once on a job that we’ve deleted details for but when we try a second job for the same Configurator with the version difference - delete details and then get details - it doesn’t work until we run it again. And we are running it for ALL PARTS and checking every box available (Inputs, Quotes, Jobs, SOs).

This is the error that we get when we try to Get Details on a Job where the Sales Order Line configuration is at an older version number than the Configurator:


Does anyone have any ideas on how to automate the process of updating the Configurator Version number on all Open Sales Orders \ Jobs???

Also, we had problems with this in Epicor 9 so we used to have a Dashboard that showed us if there were any open Sales Order Lines with a different Configurator version than the current approved Configurator. Can anyone explain to us how we can go about creating a BAQ to view this mismatch in E10? Just some guidance would be such a great help to us.

Thanks so much,

Hi Heather,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, there is no automated process, unless created with toolset.

Verify Existing Configurations is really the only hope.

Question: Could you just fix the existing jobs manually, and then start using the new configurator version with new sales orders? Typically when a new configurator release is rolled out, you start using it with new sales orders, and then only reconfigure existing orders that don’t have a linked job. What you’re describing doesn’t sound like a good process. Configurator releases to the LIVE environment are typically staged and planned so as to minimize impact

As for verify existing configurations, unfortunately the results seem to be somewhat inconsistent. I have number of customers who refuse to use it due to previous unpredictable results.

As for the BAQ- ConfigVersion is now saved to the PcValueHead and is linked to the Quote/OrderDtl via SysRowID, I believe first to PcValueGrp, then PcValueHead. ‘Part Master’ of configurator is still PcStatus which holds the current approved ConfigVersion.

Hope this helps at least a bit.


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Thank you SO MUCH for your thoughts and the BAQ ConfigVersion linking help @rbomford!!! That was SUCH a big help to us!

I think the thing we are most worried about is after we GO LIVE on E10.1 and import all of our fixed Configurators then we are going to have to go through any open Orders/Jobs and reconfigure/get details on them manually if the VEC (Verify Existing Configurations) process doesn’t work. I think what I’m going to do is create a Service Connect that will reconfigure the Open Sales Order Lines, then delete the Details on the jobs and then Get New Details. This is the manual process that we would have to go through anyways so we will just have Service Connect do it instead for us for all Open Configured Order Lines.

I really appreciate the helpful comments and suggestions and info on how to link the Configurator Tables to see the ConfigVersion on Quotes/OrderDtl and compare it with the PCStatus ConfigVersion. Thanks a million! :slight_smile: