Visual Studio 2017-2019 (Community, Professional, Enterprise and Standard) Extension for Epicor 10 Customization

I will try to publish these this week

Thank You. I appreciate it.

Is there a plan to support customizations to deployed dashboards? I’m having issues with a dashboard customization and it would be helpful to bring it into visual studio like the base form customization extension. If not, has anyone found a good workaround for this?

I’m pretty sure it does support that. I remember using it on dashboards before. What are you having problems with?

After further investigation, I found that the issue was the customization was last saved with an error. This prevented it from loading a project into Visual Studio. When reloading in Epicor, I noticed the issue and after editing the code there I was able to load into the greatest tool ever built! Thanks for your help @Banderson

Post the log from the epicor folder and I’ll take a look

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So I thought I had it fixed but another issue popped up. Here is the log if you are willing / have time to look at
CustomizationEditor20201207.log.txt (2.4 KB)

After commenting out the source code body in Epicor customization editor, I was able to load the customization into Visual Studio. Then I get an error when uncommenting the source code:


I don’t know what library provides EpiUIImages but it seems I need to add a reference to it

where are we at with this?

“we” have been working non stop on a go live :wink:
It’s an open source project if you are in a rush I do take pull requests.

I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can though


Thank you so much, sorry to make it sound like I am nagging.

could we maybe get 10.2.700 helper files by the end of the year?

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All right sorry about the delay this is now live and uploaded the version for 700 can be downloaded from the download page at

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Sorry. User error :shushing_face:

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Can you enlighten me onn the user error ? I had a different person have a similar issue but I couldn’t figure out what it was .

I had it pointing to the folder above Client, not the Client folder. But, this is how I got there.

I opened up VS and clicked Open. It said I needed to add settings. I added the settings correctly, but it still didn’t work. Then I thought that maybe the Customization Helper files were gone. So I redownloaded them and they were gone as I got no overwrite prompt when I unzipped. Then I had to redo the settings again and selected the wrong one.

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