Visual Studio 2017-2019 (Community, Professional, Enterprise and Standard) Extension for Epicor 10 Customization

This is just announcing the porting of the Visual Studio Code Exntension to Visual Studio (big boy)

You can read about what this is here (for VS Code)

However this version is for Visual Studio (regular) not Visual Studio Code, same code base has some nice additional perks since Visual Studio is a bit more C# friendly

Here is a quick Demo

Can be downloaded from here (or the Visual Studio Extensions Tool)

Any issues ping me here or in GitHub.


Now it supports 2017-2019


Thanks @josecgomez!

@josecgomez, will this work with Visual Studio 2015, or do you know if there’s instructions on hokking up 2017/2019 to Epicor?

Should work in 2017 and 2019.

Instructions are on the videos above as well as the other post.

I apologize, not trying to “hokk” up anything…:slight_smile:


Superb idea. One of the biggest things missing in Epicor customisation. Does it work for Forms customisation and BPMs?

Just forms right now.

Just a FYI, and I realize we are on an older version, 10.1.500, but just tested with VS 2019 and sub-forms still do not download/open.

Nice, now I can upgrade from VS2015. :slight_smile:

Right @litzer67 subforms are a pain inthat version still looking into it.

Thanks but not the end of the world, most sub-forms have very little customization to them anyway and are easy enough to do base Epicor.

Now getting this work for customized dashboards working would be great. I use a lot of blank dashboards as blank forms to create maintenance screens, automating
processes and specialized dashboards where I can control the look, feel and actions in code instead of base dashboards.

Thanks again for all the effort

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Dashboards can wok they do in other versions I’ll see if I can track down the 600/500 issues with it.

Hmmm, on 10.2.300 when I try to open a customization that resides on a dashboard VS fails to open it. The adding project status box just disappears and nothing happens.

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I’ve been able to open customizations on dashboards I think. I’m pretty sure it was in VSCode, and I’m not sure if I’ve tried it in VS. (I think, but I’ve opened so many just to test, I can’t remember for sure.)

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Hi @josecgomez

today I installed the tools and I have an issue when I am trying to open a customization in Customer Form, the VS 2017 crash and nothing is open, however, If I open a customization in Sales Order, the VS do not crash and I am able to work,

do you know what could be the differences?

some details,

*both customization were created as multi company
*both customization contains new fields only
*I am using Visual Studio 2017 community
*i am using Epicor 10.2.300.11

let me know if you need more details

thanks for your help

Can you send me a copy of the customization? I’ll take a look

I just email you


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I THINK I just fixed the dashboard issues. You’ll need to download the latest copy of the helper libs