Warn on Reprint?

I am trying to figure out a way to warn people when when they are trying to print a traveler that has already been printed. I was thinking method directive but even with tracing could not find a method that was listed in the trace. Then I thought a method directive on the lastprinted field via the JobEntry.Update method. For some reason I can’t wrap my head around the logic. I think my problem is I am new to C so I am trying to not use any custom code :frowning:

You could check the JobHead.TravelerLastPrinted field, if it is not null it means the traveler has been printed.


That will work. I know in E9 even if they just did a print preview it would populate the last printed field. So it could get tricky if the travelers are previewed often.

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Did you ever get this to work @MelissaC ? I am running into the same issue if they re-print on the same day, the JobHead.TravelerLastPrinted field does not get updated based on @tkoch suggestion so there is no row transaction to trigger it as stated by @Kimberley where it gets tricky if the travelers are previewed often. I tried doing an in-transaction data directive to capture the TravelerLastPrinted date prior to it writing to the database but it displayed the updated date instead of the previous date.

If you haven’t already seen this topic, it might give you some ideas…

But… I have found there are a lot of “gotchas” in keeping track of report printed dates.