We want to add notes about customers that pop up when entering new orders

We want to have a popup or field where notes (special rates, shipping instructions, additional approval needed, etc.) regarding a customer are viewable when entering new orders. Does anyone know if this is available or how to add it to the Sales Order screen?

In classic or kinetic? If the info you want to display is in the customer comment field, in classic you can do it with a BAQ zone, or in Kinetic you can add a control or slideout to display the info. Popups are annoying.

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Sometimes that’s what you want :smiling_imp:

Thank you for your help. We are on Kinetic. It does not need to be a popup, we are just used to our legacy system having a box popup when entering orders with notes and such for each customer when entering new orders and we are looking for something like this in kinetic. How would I add a control or slideout to display the info?

There’s lots of tutorials on application studio on this site and/or in the Epicor learning center, you just have to search for it and start reading. If you haven’t used application studio at all before you probably want to start with the intro courses in the learning center or the kinetic guides that you can download through the help.

For this purpose you almost certainly do not want a popup. Once you click through it (which, right there you are forcing extra clicks on people), you can no longer see the info. If the idea is to be able to see notes about the customer’s requirements, of course you will want to see it at some point in the future after you have already clicked the popup, then what?

I was generalizing.