"What If" Quotes, Vantage 5.2.322

Challenge: The Costing department wants to be able to do "What If"
quotes for parts. The parts would not be customer specific. Costing
may want to have 4 lines that show what happens to the price if X
material is used instead of Y, or if the part is run 6 across instead
of 3 across...or any combination of changes. This pricing is not
official pricing.

It was suggested that Price List can be used as a solution. I read
the help screens but noted that you set up different price lists for
different customers...so they are customer specific. Further, it
would appear the part is entered into the Price list with a Base
Selling Price and then discounted from that price according to the
quantity. The example given was: part DCD-100-SP has a particular
price for all customers, determined by a seasonal price list.
Customer group "Preferred" has a different list, and customer Dalton
has a different list still. Vantage first searches for a valid price
from the Dalton/DCD-100-SP list. If no price applies from this
criteria, then Vantage uses the Preferred/DCD-100-SP list. If no
price is listed here, then Vantage uses the standard seasonal price
for Dalton. This does not appear to be a solution.

It was suggested that the quote can be made a Template...but it looks
to me like the purpose of the Template checkbox is to allow the quote
line's details to be used in conjunction with the Get Details
function. This does not appear to be a solution.

The only thing I was able to come up with is that we have an
Opportunity/Quote entered into Vantage with a "Marketing" task set
that always stays in the "Lead" stage, and using In-House as the
customer name. Quote lines could be added, changed, and manipulated
in any way that was needed without affecting anything else.

If anyone can think of any other workaround, I'd appreciate the

Judy Havlik
Plitek, L.L.C.
Des Plaines, IL 60018