What some part transactions are not posted?

We got some part transactions today and when we run the part transaction detail report. Those transactions are not shown in the report. Why? Have those part transaction not been posted yet? Please advise. Thanks.

What does the Part Transaction history show for one of the parts you know has had transactions?

Maybe somebody entered the transactions with a different date.

Run the WIP/Recon report for today. Once using the Tran Date, and again using System Date.

Calvin, The Part Transaction History doesn’t show any transaction for today either.

What transactions do you think actually happened?

run by system transaction date for the highlighted part.

Thise are really GL trans and not Part trans. They’re just moving costs from WIP to Variance accounts.

and I got the same thing for transaction apply date

How to get part transactions hist.? The menu path? Thanks.

Either the Material Transaction Detail report, or the WIP/Recon Report.

Note that by default, WIP/Recon will show the trans like you posted above. If you want to see just the material trans, limit it using the Tran Type filter - only picking ones like PUR-STK, STK-MTL, STK-CUS, MFG-STK, and MFG-CUS (to name just a few).

whoops … missed one.

Material Mngmnt -> Inventory Mngmnt -> General Ops -> Part Transaction History Tracker.

Or right click on the part number in a context sensitive field.

The transactions not shown on the Part Transaction History

Then they didn’t happen.

What made them not happened?

What transactions do you think did happen?

If you’re going off that screen shot you posted above, those aren’t part transactions.

It looks like:

  1. Job KBH008394 was to make P/N 1503461.
  2. That P/N uses STD costing.
  3. $0.01 more (or less) of materials was issued to the job, than the value of the parts it made (Qty made x STD Cost of P/N 1503461).
  4. After 1503461 was received into stock, Inventory went up by $0.01 less (or more) than the value of the parts added to WIP.
  5. This “extra” $0.01 needs to be accounted for, so a MFG-VAR transaction happens. This is not a material transaction. creating credits and debits between WIP and the Variance Account.

so how to correct it and make it a material transaction?
Thanks a million, Calvin

I don’t know how to help, since I don’t even know what your problem really is.

Those MFG-VAR transactions cleanup older transactions. Usually after the job closes. So the costs that went into that job could have been days weeks or months old. the 2/12/19 date you see is most likely the date the job was closed.

Run the Production Detail Report for that job, and include Part Trans. You’ll see all the material transactions and their dates that are related to that job.