Where to save part check out on kinetic screen?

In 2023.1.4
From Part Maintenance > Actions > Rev > Check out rev
It opens a kinetic screen, doesnt load the part number into the form, and there is no save button to check out the part.

Am i missing something?

Populated fine for me in Kinetic

Are you specifically asking when transitioning from Classic to Kinetic? Action → Check Out (Classic) → Load Kinetic?

Its loading the kinetic automatically when i go to actions check out from the classic.

Go to Menu Maintenance, and under the Processes section look for the program “Part Revision Checkout”. Change the Form to Use value to Classic.

Epicor is making Kinetic the go-to UI, and each upgrade gets a little harder to revert to Classic screens.

Thanks Ernie.

This appears to be a bug in the way that the old smart client version of Part Entry is interfacing with the new Browser based (kinetic) Part Revision screen. I dont believe it is a problem if you are running both apps in Smart Client, or both apps in Browser based.
Please report this to tech support, as those should work together properly.

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