Will Attachment Functionality be Completely Restored?🤔

I have been testing 2023.1 and see that there is a LOT of improvement for attachments. You can now open PDF’s in browser without downloading! That is what the view button does in the screenshot below. The last line is an email. Will we be able to open emails directly like we could in Classic UI?


The drag & drop is also very nice. But it just attaches the file to the level it is attached without the Document Type. So, the user has to select the Document Type themselves. This is an extra step compared to the Classic UI. Will we be able to drag & drop to a Content Type?

Anyone who is “in the know” know the answers? @timshuwy


John, were the View links working for you in the Smart Client as well? It’s working for me in 2023.1 in Kinetic web but the Smart Client doesn’t open the link. I’ve submitted a case for it.

Yes, they do. But we use ECM. Is that what you are using?

I have an open PRB (PRB0263619) on 2022.2 about Link attachments not opening with Kinetic. File system or Google drive attachments work in classic, Kinetic client, and browser but our Link type attachments do nothing when clicking the View icon. The download link is also greyed out.

Yes it is.

The browser can only revender certain things natively if you can find and register an extension that opens eml within the browser then I suspect you can otherwise you have to download and open in the file system like you would any other file

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Understood @josecgomez , but I do not think that we should lose functionality on an upgrade. That being said, if moving to the browser means that functionality goes away, I am fine with that trade off. But Epicor needs to do a better job communicating these things as I am not technical and do not understand most of this back end stuff. So when users ask me why these things happen, I can’t answer them. All I can do is try and find out if the functionality will be restored.

Agreed on the communication part
I don’t think you are losing functionality it just works differently in the browser but you can still access your attachment


@josecgomez is correct… it works differently, but this is not all “bad different”… but we also have a little more cleanup to do on attachments. For example “Link attachments” which is one of the many types of attachments we support is not yet fully supported in the browser. In the 2023.1 release, we got closer, but it is admittedly not our final desire.
Link attachment is not really an attachment, but simply a link to a file on your computer/network. Browsers natively are NOT allowed {per security rules} to simply open a file on your network. THAT would be BAD!.. instead, it currently pushes a copy of the link address to your clipboard, and then you have to take the second step to open it.
In the FUTURE :safe_harbor: (Safe harbor) we plan on enhancing the edge agent so that link attachments will open when you click on them. But we have to make sure that any changes such as this pass all the security regiments that have already been established.

Thanks for responding, I appreciate it. As I said, if we can’t open emails and other things directly, that is a small trade off.

But what about drag & drop onto content type instead of having to manually select it?

I believe that this is on the roadmap… There are also some Ideas out there… here is one of them: https://epicor-manufacturing.ideas.aha.io/ideas/KNTC-I-3113

Thanks @timshuwy , much appreciated.