Win10 Anniversary + September Office 365 Update - Drag & Drop Issue

If you are having issues within Outlook taking an item like an attachment or an email and dragging it into another folder – or - Epicor. Restart your Outlook once it happens or press the “ESC” Key several times, which may reset it.

This is a known Issue in the latest Windows 10 Outlook Update. It is being reported by the Community and Microsoft’s Engineers are investigating it. So right now, we just have to live with it – if restarting outlook does not work:

Meanwhile Workarounds (if needed)

  • Emails – Right Click with mouse on Email and use Move on Context Menu
  • Attachments – Right Click on Attachment, Save it somewhere, Drag it into Epicor.


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Have you had any issues with Epicor 64 and outlook , we starting having this issue recently .