WIP not correct on Co-Parts

Has anyone else seen these conditions on Co-Part jobs. Our WIP only calculated based on our planned qty not what we actually completed.

I do have a ticket open with Epicor Case CS0001685457 in case anyone else needs to reference it.


Linked Issues:

Reproducible in test with BPM disabled. So I’m guessing it’s a bug and not process.

Reported 998, wip only shows 613

The amount showing in WIP Quantity is what you described ((Part Quantity - Received Quantity) = WIP Quantity).

It’s not based on Completed Quantity for whatever reason. I’ll bet when you hear from Epicor, they will say that it’s working as designed.

Not the case on my other two parts. What is in WIP is what I reported but they were below the planned Qty. I have seen stock finished jobs do this to us too. We plan for 20, we report 25 complete, and we end up with 20 in WIP. That’s on single operation, no subcontract, or co-part jobs even. But what I report complete should be in WIP it shouldn’t cap at the planned qty.

I agree with you on that but from what I have seen, it doesn’t look at the quantity completed to calculate what is in WIP. I’ve had the question in reverse where the job quantity is 30, we’ve completed 20, we’ve taken 15 to stock and it shows 15 in WIP. It should only be 5 in WIP.

Yeah I’ve been hammering on Epicor Support/Dev pretty hard about it. WIP should be a physical count not some fictitious number. I’ve had no less than 6 tickets open this year and countless hours of testing trying to prove out that it needs a lot of work when you have AMM involved especially. I keep hoping there is something we are doing wrong that can be fixed, but so far that has not surfaced.

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