WIP Reconciliation Report

Hi, I am new to the forum and new to Epicor. We have just implemented a couple of months ago. We have run COS/WIP capture as of March 31, 2018, but the WIP report as of 3-31-18 does not match the WIP balances on the general ledger. Does anyone have advice on where to begin reconciling the discrepancies?

Any help is appreciated.


A few things to cross off the list.

  • Any general journal entries going through these accounts? Did you load starting WIP when you went live to jobs or did you just put in a journal entry. Any other adjustments you made via journal entry to your WIP accounts.

  • If you run Inv/WIP recon since you went live for your WIP accounts only, do those tie to the G/L? This would help you rule out the first point.

  • Do you see any other rouge transaction types going to that account that should not like a PO to other or inventory. Try running the inv/wip report for all transaction types less what you would think should go to WIP, e.g., remove PUR-MTL, ADJ-PUR, etc. Then also filter for your WIP G/L account and see if the report errors out. This will only help you with the inventory journal though.

  • Is anything hung in your review journal?