WIP Report on 4.0

We just started using the new feature which allows you to receive a part
from one job to another without putting it into stock first and issuing it
out. However, the WIP report does not include the receipt to the second job
in the total cost of the job. The job tracker and production detail are
correct but the WIP report (which I use to get my detail to balance to) is
not. Example: WIP shows material cost of $0, job tracker shows $5000 and
detail shows 2 parts on transaction type MFG-WIP @ $2500 each. When we
shipped them the remaining $$ in WIP on the report is a -$5000 because the
program that calculates cost of sales is including those transactions. Has
anyone else seen this? Is there a WIP report that anyone has that will work
to show the correct costs? Thanks!