Wireless Warehouse Scanner Settings Questions

I’m reviewing the scanner settings for wireless warehouse and need some help interpreting a few of the options. I appreciate any assistance!

  1. Scan Qty Field as Number - On:scan will be treated as a literal value and assign to quantity field
    Off: Scan will be treated as a product code and invoke the scan
    increment module.
    What is the “scan increment module”?

  2. Deactivate all scan increment functionality - On: scan increment functionality is stopped on all pages
    Off: Standard behavior
    What is the “scan increment functionality”?

I believe that the scan increment module is what appears when you scan a UPC or part number (in material queue processing, for instance) and it opens the incrementer window. If you scan that same UPC twice, it increments your quantity to 2, scan it again, your quantity goes to three, etc.

So disabling this is pretty self-explanatory. The other setting (Scan Qty Field as Number) would be for situations where you have a UPC for the product and then a separate barcode to indicate the quantity. In that scenario, you’d scan the UPC to select the product and then scan a barcode that contains the literal value “10” for instance, to change the quantity of the transaction to 10.

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Perfectly said Jay