With Auto Invoicing Enabled How To Add MISC Charge To Invoice Line Before Posting?

I am trying to turn on Automatic Invoicing on our sales orders/customers. Currently I have a BPM on the GetShipments and GetDropshipments methods that calculate freight and insert them as a Misc Charge on Invoice Line 1 at that point. When auto invoicing enabled these methods will not trigger and the invoice will be automatically posted once the pack is shipped. I can’t put the freight on the Customer Shipment as I also need to do it for Drop Shipments and you cannot apply MISC charges to Drop Shipments. My thought was to try and add the Misc Charge on a data directive when a new InvoiceDtl is added via a rest call to POST[​/{currentCompany}​/Erp.BO.ARInvoiceSvc​/InvcMiscs, but I’m running into some errors when I do that. I keep getting the message “ErrorMessage”:“Customer is required.\r\nPeriod is required.” hoever Customer and Period are not part of the fields in the InvcMiscs payload. It almost seems that customer and period on the Invoice Header are blank for some reason.

Anyone else ever attempt this? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

You probably want to add the misc charge to the shipment before it ships. For drop ship probably add the misc to the order before shipping (probably a bit clunky there might be a better way)

Thanks Hally, I would definitely prefer to add the charge to the shipment before it ships. Sadly, I can’t really add it to the dropship order as if the order has multiple releases then the freight charge will get applied multiple times. If there is a better way like you say I’d love to find it, as trying to get it to add to the invoice detail has proved challenging.

I think the answer lays in the way the miscellaneous charge is configured. The Frequency allows you charge a one time charge, I recall by default is it set to every, so that’s why you see the charge happening on all releases. See how you go setting to it First or Last.

All Epicor needs to do is instead of having the misc charge on the line, add it to the release and we will be all happy campers!
Releases are getting shipped not lines. I do not understand why releases are not having the Misc charge ability.
For us, to overcome the issue, the sales agent just create new order for each release dates customer wants. (where shipping would be charged per shipping) Much easier to apply the misc charge then.
Creates a new line within the same part, but having a different release date.

But this is not a normal way to proceed…How about the latest kinetic version is this still ongoing?


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I believe so.

Why are the invoices posted immediately after marking the pack shipped? Are you triggering the posting or do you have a schedule running?

Out of the box I believe invoices are only automatically marked as posted only when you deselect the checkbox “Save Shipments for Invoicing” in company configuration.

@Hogardy, your point about having the miscellaneous charges being applied to releases rather than lines seems perfectly logical. A good example is a customer placing a blanket order with numerous releases, but needing the first release in a hurry and being willing to pay an expedite fee just on that release. Have you submitted your idea in the Epicor ERP Ideas portal?