Added Order Misc Charge after shipment

We recently went live in one of our facilities and the sales group here frequently adds additional Misc. Charges to the order header after shipment. In our old system it would properly detect all lines had already shipped and generate an invoice for the misc. charge on the next invoice cycle. We are being told that they are unable to invoice the additional charge in E10. Looking at documentation it looks like they need to be tied to a shipment, but the shipments have already been made and invoiced. What is the proper way to capture these additional charges. These are typically shipping fees that are passed on to the customer where the fee was unknown until a later date. eg: Additional Shipping Fees, Lift Gate Fees, etc.

Hi Everett,

You can process a AR Misc Invoice. Refer the Sale Order and Ref Invoice and select new line and click new Misc Line and select the Misc Charge Code. Account entry below

Dr Account Receivable
Cr Misc Charge