XLConnect Version 5

For anyone using XLConnect version 5 - will the installs on Epicweb work on 10.2.200? Everything out there is referencing 10.1 in the documentation. We are setting up a new 10.2.200 Test environment and wanted to check with the community.


We are running XL Connect 5 successfully with Epicor Officially, we were told to move to version 7 but there was a major syntax change that made us question whether the existing installation would work (and it did). I can’t speak to your exact environment, but there’s no harm in running it in Test - it’ll probably work.

Thank you Jason!

We just asked our CAM last week - XL Connect 5 will work with 10.2.300 on-premise as well. XLC 7 is required if you’re on cloud, though…

Thank you Andris!