XL Connect 5 replacements?

We are on Epicor version 10.2.200 and need to move off the older XL Connect 5 and we were planning to move up to the XL connect 7. However apparently there is a ton of work needed to do this move in our case at least.

There is a third party EDA data analytics package offered by Epicor. Has anyone moved from XL connect to the EDA package?

I was planning to have our team see the EDA demo. Any comments or considerations regarding this as a potential move to handle both our financial and sales reporting?

I know that our team likes the XL Connect product, but are there any other options to consider?

Thanks all.


I’ve heard that FastClose is an third party alternative to XL connect, and you can get a free demo.

You can also pull data into Excel via the REST API, but that leaves the majority of the reporting to you…

Hi Brad,

To be honest both tools (XLC and EDA) are pretty good but at they are different. Lets Think about XLC as a tool that will allow you to retrieve data from your database directly into MS Excel and manipulate it as needed, while EDA is an intelligent tool to create dashboards, KPI’s etc.

The beauty about XLC is that is MS Excel based, so no new “language” need to be learned while EDA is a tool that you will need to test and learn from nothing.

Thanks for the feedback!