10.1 Importing parts (Round 2)

Me (again)! We’re a single company/multi-site organization with specific parts that are (somewhat) specific to each organization - but this is definitely NOT 100% guaranteed, We’re trying to load parts into our pilot database. One of the quirks that (Epicor) the DMT tool has is that it will create a part plant record for the default Site that is defined in the company configuration record.

It would be nice to just create the part plant records for those that we’re porting over from Vantage - not for the default plant/warehouse specified in the company configuration table. we have over 100K records to be created,

Just wondering what other people have done in this situation? When you imported parts information from Vantage (assuming you’re multisite) - how did you either eliminate the extra part plant records or simply not create them in the first place?

Just wondering.
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Jeff Henslee
M-B Companies Inc.


I ran into this same issue. I’m written a system that exports data based on the schema I defined from E8 into a CSV file, then I use that to import into E10. If you don’t want the extra part plant record imported at all, the only way around this would be to break your imports into multiple files, and run these under a login that is logged into that plant.

I’ve done it from a different approach. I loaded all my parts while logged into one plant (site), knowing it would create the extra part plant record. Then, I loaded all my part plant records. Once that was complete, I ran another DMT update to delete the part plants that were extraneous. You have to run the delete after it loads the correct part plants, as it needs at least one.

Hope that helps.

Kevin Simon

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Create a “DMT” + Site user with rights only to the specific plant. That’s
where the default will be set up.


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Will review and give them a shot – Thanks.


Thanks for mentioning that. This was actually my first choice, problem was we are using SSO. So, it was having to set up different domain users for each of the Epicor users, which is why I went to plan B.

Interestingly, in E10 when running DMT, you can “turn off” the SSO option, and it comes up with a login prompt. I set up my DMT+Plant user in Epicor and logged in as that user. I found out that it was still not using the correct plant. To make a long story short (too late), I found out that even though DMT made me THINK I was logging in as someone different, I was still logging in under my own SSO ID. I verified this by logging into the DMT as “SOMEFAKEUSERNAME” and it let me in. The last changed by fields on records still showed my User ID.

In summary, DMT+SITE is the best way to go as long as you’re not using SSO. Then, it’s a matter of which is more convenient for you.


So even though most of the DMT’s require a site column to be populated, it doesn’t respect what’s in the data? That would be frustrating. Glad I’m not multi site!

Yep, that’d be a bummer. :-/

You may have rights to both sites and accomplish this anyway. When we were modeling data migration for multi-site I had written in my notes to log into full epicor under the site I wanted to migrate to, then log out before loading DMT.

Thankfully they put the other site on the back burner so I only had to migrate to the mothership.

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