-> .34 dot release update (new task agent version?)

In the 10.2.100.x to update guide from it says:

In version, the Task Agent functionality has been updated. Use these steps to re-install the Task Agent if you are upgrading to version or later… [uninstall]… [reinstall]…

I have never installed a dot update before. We have Production and Pilot on the same server and I don’t want anything to happen to Production while I’m testing this update in Pilot. IF I follow these instructions, the Task Agent for Production will be uninstalled, causing issues, right?! If so, a new install should make things work again, right? If so, will I have to reconfigure any tasks in Production to make everything work smoothly again while we test?

Other things that I should consider? Copy the configuration listed in the Task Agent Configuration screen?

We stood up a new application server and installed the updated admin console and task agent on it for our pilot database when testing 10.2. I was under the impression that if we installed the update on the application server that connected to our production database (10.0 at the time), it would not work since the database version would not match the task agent version.

We have 10.1.600 and 10.2.300 on our test server, when I installed 10.2.300 it upgrade the admin console, but the task agents remained for 10.1.600. When I did a point release to 10.2.300.13 it uninstalled the task agent for 10.2.300 and installed it again.

Got to say @jwmartin method is the safest

Doing a dot release and having the task agent upgrade should be backward compatible, but why take the risk, unless you’ve got the time to clone your VM and test it.