Installing new v.600 Task Agent after upgrade

I did an upgrade to the latest 600 release to a test database environment that is also currently running a production 400 release on the same server. Everything is working, so I am paranoid to uninstall/reinstall the new Task Agent. Per the installation guide:
If you are upgrading or updating from a release prior to Epicor ERP 10.1.600.0, you must use these steps to uninstall then reinstall your Epicor Task Agent. Note that uninstalling the task agent does not remove its settings.When it is reinstalled, all of the agents that you previously had configured will still be available.

Any known issues with the 600 version Task Agent working with the 400 version on the same server?

Personally, I would never run two different versions on the same server. I have two other servers apart from production, one for testing on our current live version, and another for testing upgrades.

I know it doesn’t answer your original question, but for best practice, I think it makes sense to keep these separate.

To be honest I didn’t think it was possible to run different versions on one server instance. I know per each base upgrade the previous version install directories are still present. But its always been said that each database and app server on your current instance must be updated to the latest base or patch install on the server. I don’t think anyone can answer your question as in reference to what @tkoch said its not a good practice and you have two versions competing against each other for admin console or task agent.

I’m currently testing upgrading from 10.1.400.26 to 10.1.600.13 on our test
server, and interestingly enough I have 2 databases and 2 applications, one
10.1.400 and one 10.1.600, all seems to be working fine. I have both
versions of the Task Agent installed as well, both tied to the correct
Application. Not sure I would recommend it for a Live server, but it’s
handy for my test server for sure!


Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

I have had 400 and 600 running on the same server with no issues at all, but only because of lacking resources. If you have the resources I would follow the recommendations of others and split. If not, you will be fine installing \ un-installing task agents, etc.

That’s interesting @nhutchins, good to know!

Thanks Norman. Your solution is correct and Epicor Support officially confirmed this with me. You can in-fact have 2 different versions of the Task Agent running on the same server w/o issues.

For reference, just go to the Supplemental Installs >> Task Agent and follow the prompts. At the end it will give the configuration screen for the 3.1.600.0 version. Everything is working just fine in the 2 different environments.

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Just make sure that there isn’t an older version TaskAgent configuration pointing to the newer version appserver process. If you reuse appserver names, this means that the older taskagent configuration should be deleted.

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Just to clarify: when installing the Task Agent manually (not from the EAC directly), one should navigate to the updates > [lastest update installed] supplementalinstalls > Task Agent folder to install the latest Task Agent service. The .exe in the base folder is for the base version of the release (10.1.600.0).