10.2.100 Updatable BAQ timeout; Works in 10.1.500.11

Good morning; I have an environment that I’ve upgraded to 10.2.100. In this environment, I have an updatable BAQ that is relatively simple and reads UD100 and allows for the update of a few of the fields.
The BAQ analyzes just fine and will run very quickly in the 10.1.500.11 environment, but it times out in the 10.2.100 environment.
I’ve veriftyed that the data exists in both environment. I’ve also tried performing a directive update.
No luck though, any ideas?

Edit: I should note, I am only running the query not performing an update on a row in this test.

I had this happen to me in an upgrade from 10.1.500 to .600.
I ended up creating the query from scratch and it worked.
You could try copying it and see if that helps.

Thanks, I hope that’s not the only solution though…

Edit: That didn’t work unfortunately.

so this is pretty weird, but I’ve rebuilt the entire query from scratch and it still doesn’t want to work. I ran the query in a separate 10.2 version environment and it runs just fine (and quickly), which leads me to believe it is a configuration setting with this environment.
Any idea where to start looking for that?

Did you add any indexes on the database?

Can you run the query in a SQL editor using the Query Phrase?

Hey Ken
I did not add any indexes to the database and the query runs just fine in SQL

What happens if you export it, delete it from your environment, and then reimport it?

I did that, and it still doesn’t run. We changed the query execution time and it ran, but it too forever.
We are going to try doing a version upgrade to the environment, since we don’t get this problem in a different higher version.

We performed an upgrade to in the hopes that it would eliminate our issue, but it didn’t.
I’ve narrowed down the issue though, specifically with displaying any Customer fields from a customer table join.
The customer table join in and of itself is fine, simple a right join from Customer to QuoteHed on company and custnum. When the tables are joined but no customer fields are displayed, the query runs immediately. When any customer fields are displayed, the query fails to run.