10.2.600.12 Kinetic Main Menu - Identifying the Active Company / Plant

I’m working with a client on 10.2.600.12 and looking to Add a flag to the Kinetic Main Menu page to identify the active Company / Plant.

I’ve successfully put something temporary by adding a single value BAQ (showing CurrentCompany) to a main menu tilespace but the identity needs to be a little more obvious, Ideally a flag?

callContextClient should have the information required, can you make use of that?

Thanks Marjorie

I’m more thinking about customising the main menu (Active/Kinetic) in I’m familiar with CallContext do you have any experience on how to customise this menu?


I do not. We have Kinetic turned off, so all our users see the classic screens they are used to. Plus some of the screens are so heavily customized it would be a lot of work to make Kinetic versions.